The infusion is a dynamic technology thanks to which

a high quality final product can be achieved, as well as the reduction of the weight.
This implies the use of specific machinery and consumables and a

particular know-how in order to enable the complete impregnation of the metal sheets before

 the resin starts to polymerize.

Furthermore, thanks to the aforesaid technology, the resin penetrates inside the fibres

thanks to the action of vacuum which can be brought up to 1 bar.

As a result, the several metal sheets are perfectly glued and the risk of injurious ungluing is

 considerably reduced. Moreover, the specific resistance is higher: the increase

of Gc permits the same structural resistance even for less weight and thickness.

Last, but not least, the improvement of environmental conditions achieved due to this technology: in fact,

thanks to vacuum, the volatile elements remain trapped under the vacuum bag


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